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Business Overview
  • Providing loans for purchase, stockpiling, regulation, and distribution of key agricultural products such as grain, cotton, edible oil, sugar, pork, and chemical fertilizer;
  • Providing loans in support of the construction of agricultural and rural infrastructure projects, water conservancy projects and circulation systems;
  • Providing loans for projects in support of integrated agricultural development, means of production and agricultural science and technology;
  • Providing loans for projects in support of renovation of shack settlements and construction of concentrated housing for farmers;
  • Providing loans in support of poverty alleviation through relocation, infrastructure in poor areas, development of special industries and special poverty alleviation projects;
  • Providing loans in support of town construction, land purchase and stockpiling in counties;
  • Providing loans in support of small agricultural enterprises and leading industrial enterprises;
  • Organizing and participating in syndicated loans, bill acceptance and discounting and other credit businesses;
  • Absorbing deposits from client enterprises and public institutions within the business scope, public deposits in counties other than residents’ savings and fiscal balances;
  • Issuing financial bonds; conducting settlement, foreign exchange settlement and sale, and foreign exchange trading for customers;
  • Opening special accounts for fiscal funds for assisting agriculture as required and disbursing fiscal agriculture- related subsidies;
  • Trading, acting as an agent to trade and underwriting bonds;
  • Conducting inter-bank borrowing and placement, agency collection and payment, agency insurance, asset securitization, corporate finance advisory service, and agriculture-related business by way of cooperation with any lease company, agriculture- related guarantee company and agriculture-related investment company or through other methods upon approval;
  • Other services approved by the banking regulatory authority under the State Council.
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